10 Commandments

My personal 10 commandments document I wrote back in 97 and 10+ years later it still holds true.

  1. I don’t believe that anyone should push their god down anyone else’s throat. If a god needed everyone in the world to believe in it/him/her, then they’d do something godly and we wouldn’t have a need for faith any longer.
  2. I don’t believe in most written works, be it the Bible, or any book along those lines. And even that’s not entirely true. I believe in some of the lessons in those works. And I would rank those with Aesop’s Fables or Fractured Fairy Tales. But for me there’s to many contrary messages in most of those books (thou shalt not kill Vs. David killing with his sling as an example.) Granted certain situations call for a personal evaluation and the weighing of pros vs. cons. But most people who would quote these type of books have been brainwashed into thinking that as long as they follow the rules set down for them then they’ll never have to think. Plus in my experience the majority of people who have been brainwashed let others interpret the books for them. If you’ve read the book yourself, interpreted it, understood it and most importantly live by it I’ve got no problems with it. But those who don’t should remember that following orders blindly didn’t work at Nuremberg and I doubt it works elsewhere.  My personal belief system goes back to the if it harms none than do it. Of course you also have to consider the effects on yourself. Since if it harms you. . . then it harms some. The other addition I feel one must make to this belief system is personal well-being. If someone is about to cause something that would have a lasting effect on my life. I may be required to take actions I normally wouldn’t dream of. . . In other words, yeah I’d kill the burglar in my house if my life was endangered and sleep well the next night.
  3. I don’t believe Elvis is still alive, though I kinda wish he was.
  4. I don’t believe in the way education is being handled in America. And I personally feel that it can account for a large amount of the problems we currently face. When teachers in the public school system make as much as our congress. I’ll feel we are working on the situation. Unfortunately, there are too few teachers left who still care or are capable of making a difference. Mr. Holland is the exception and not the rule.
  5. I don’t believe in charity as rule. I do see a need for it just because of how hard it is to make ends met for most families these days. But I personally feel that instead of giving the money to your Church or United Way or whatever. You should take the money and help the people you personally know. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it also obviously takes a village to raise a village. If everyone took the time to help each other, to find out what was going on in there life, to go back to a basic barter system. Life would be much improved.
  6. I don’t believe anyone other than myself and/or my immediate family can accurately make decisions which are in my own best interest. Anyone who uses that as a defense for their actions should be forced to allow their own worst enemy make their important decisions. And that of course includes any government agency.
  7. I believe conspiracies theories are a conspiracy to hide the real truth of the situation.
  8. I believe monsters exist in our world. Maybe not vampires or werewolves, but these myths have a base in reality. Also if you need more proof of monsters, just look at Charles Manson or Jeff Dahmer.
  9. I believe dinosaurs existed. Anyone who argues that they didn’t because they weren’t listed in the bible should be put out of their misery. I also believe man did walk on the moon, there is a little robot picking up rocks on Mars, and the Challenger did blow up a few seconds after launch. Anyone who wants to argue these facts have lost touch with reality far more than your average Star Trek fan.
  10. I don’t believe anyone will truly know what lies beyond until after they’re dead. And very few people are coming back to tell us what’s on the other side. After all if Houdini couldn’t escape death, I doubt the average person could achieve such a feat. (As a sidenote, I recently read that Houdini’s wife talked to a physic several years after Houdini’s death. The physic knew the “code” Harry and his wife developed and delivered a message to the wife. To this date I wonder if the physic really talked to Houdini and why the wife never went forward with this information. Just another one of those things that could have changed the world.)

Those are my basic 10 commandments. Granted there’s many sub clauses and Quid Pro Quos that I can and do change on the fly to suit the situation that is currently presenting itself. But at least I know I’m manipulating the rules and anyone who says they don’t are lying through their teeth. Or worse they’re manipulating their belief system but have lied to themselves so much that they don’t realize it or don’t want to face it. And if you can’t face the fact that you’re lying to yourself then no wonder you believe what the government tells you.

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  1. That is one of the most sensible, pragmatic, and honest things I have read in a very long time. I agree with every bit of it except the part about Elvis. Of course he’s a live. He’s locked in my basement.

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