You've lost that loving feeling . . .

So my wife has been telling me this for years but I failed to pay attention.  It wasn’t until a discussion was held this past weekend when the words came tumbling out of my own mouth that I had to go, “Hey! wait a second”. 

Our first couple of years together I’d call her from work because I missed her and just wanted to hear her voice. But after 15 years it had become me calling her to make sure she was getting a list of things done that I’d had left.

I used to bring flowers to her but I don’t do that anymore.

A few weeks ago she had the idea of us going out to dinner and asked me to meet her at the restraunt. It was a nice place fairly romantic I suppose, but I didn’t even notice that it was suppose to be a romantic dinner it was just another day for me.

So my question is when did this happen and why? When did “life” become routine? Why do we take people for granted? And why the hell has it taken me so many years to realize I was doing this even though my wife was telling me?

I told my wife today that I realized what I had been doing and I apologized. I plan on making a change. For those of you who were part of the conversation Thank you! And quit taking people for granted.

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