Why I hate Christmas

This is not a poor little me post.  This is just my opinion of a question people usually ask me.   The reasons I hate this “holiday” and to a lesser degree, my birthday is pretty simple.

I hate the hypocritical nature of the thing.  Just go on any social media and look at the posts. Go on, I’ll wait.  OK how many hate monger posts did you see.  Don’t say merry Christmas or don’t say happy holidays. Don’t do this, don’t do that. You know what, if you’ve got faith in whatever. Great!  But most of those faiths boil down a message of love the neighbor. And even during the holiday to celebrate humanity we can’t freaking do it.  It just gives us something else to argue about instead of embracing each other.  Get over yourself and either celebrate your freaking holiday or don’t.  And while we’re on the subject. If you’re going to celebrate do it 365 24/7.  Not just a couple of days out of the year. Remember to try and be understanding. Remember not to judge. Or in the words of Bill and Ted just be excellent to each other.

The other reason I hate the holiday is a more personal reason.  Anyone who knows me should know I’m not the easiest person to get along with most of the time. The other part of the coin is I have been blessed with a pretty amazing brain that remembers tons of crap.  So I expect the same of others.    Which is the problem.  For most of my life I have felt like I just don’t fit in with people and I don’t belong.  So when any type of gift giving, surprise rolls around I get defensive. Why? Because I can’t remember the last time I got something as a surprise, that I liked, that I wanted, that was unique.  Ahh, there lies the rub, unique.  Don’t get me clothes.  I have issues with fabric and I am very selective. Trust me you’re not going to do it right. On top of that CLOTHES AREN’T A GIFT.    So what do I expect as a gift? I expect to have said something in in March like, “Hey did you see blah? That looks so cool.”  Then I expect you to remember that until it’s time for a present. Then to track down what ever obscure thing I saw and get it for me.  Using something like my wishlist on amazon is cheating.  If you don’t know me well enough to get me something personal and unique then save us both the time and just give me cash. Then I know I don’t have to worry about putting thought into what to get you next year either.  Maybe someday someone will know me well enough to get me something unique.

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