The Shakiest Gun in the West

“Reach for the sky pardner,”  the cowboy told the space ranger.  I always thought that if a toy could do it how hard can it be?  Well let me tell you my story.  See what I did there? Toy. . Story. . Ha I call myself!

Living in Oklahoma I find it pretty amazing that I made it to the ripe old age of 46 without ever firing a real live gun.  Sure I shot a daisy BB rifle as a kid and we even had a CO2 pellet gun.  How much different could a real gun be?  OH MY GOD IS IT DIFFERENT.

I am not the type to jump in the pool first. I tend to ease into things, granted my ease into things normally means a 10 minute google search. But once I have an idea I tend to move forward a quick pace.  Stacy and I have been talking about home protection for awhile now.  Our DogsFor some reason she is worried that our puppies would be hiding behind us if something ever happened.  Something about being spoiled and giant chickens that run away from grasshoppers in the yard.  I’m not real sure because when they’re behind a closed door they will bark and bark at whatever is outside.  But regardless I’ve wanted a gun for a while and have wanted to get a concealed carry permit for ever.  But I again had this pesky problem of having never shot a gun.  Am I going to pull the trigger and run away screaming like the girl I am?  Only one way to find out.

A couple of friends recommend that we look at a place called 2A Shooting Center so we head over there and talk to the guys for about an hour of what we think we want and such.  Then Monday April 18, 2016 we decide to try their range.  We rent a glock 19 along with a smith and wesson shield. I’m leaning more towards the glock while Stacy likes the feel of the smith and wesson. We put our earplugs in and cross the threshold into the range.  First I can not believe how quiet it is in the gun shop with the range on the other side.  I’ve often heard people describe gunshots as sounding like fire crackers.  Well even with the earplugs those were the loudest damn firecrackers I have ever heard!  We move over to our lane with both of us jumping at every POP!  I step up and try to load the magazine starting with just one bullet.  I swear to god I felt like how I’ve seen Don Knotts act in so many things.  I was scared to death that I was going to cause the bullet to fire while trying to load the magazine.  Or something was going to shoot me from another lane.  My sensory overload start going off. Panic started to rise and I began to think that I may not be cut out for this after all.  But then my stubborn side kicked in. By god we paid good money for this I am at least going to shoot half of these rounds we bought just to say I did it.

Ok the one bullet is finally in the magazine,  check.  The gun ready for the magazine and is clear, Check.  The target is . . . not hanging up.  Where did I put the target?  Ok, breath. The magazine is not in the gun so it’s still safe. Set the magazine and the gun on either side of the table.  We wouldn’t want an earthquake to hit and cause the magazine to fall into the gun and then fire.  Breath, and again. Ok, hang the target.  How do I get the thing to move back? oh there’s the handle.  So how far away is that?  I have no idea, but the 60 year old woman in the lane next to me burning through magazines has hers at that first pylon so that looks good.  Ok, time for the next Don Knotts routine.  Insert the magazine. Damnit man you’re shaking more than your normal 15 minute internet withdrawal! Pull yourself together.  Whew, magazine is now in the gun now just pull back on the slide. . KEEP YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER! Ok wow.. it didn’t feel like the slide would yank it out of my hand when I let go.  Not what I was expecting.  But ok, right hand around the grip. . now the left hand thumb against the right thumb.  Thank you A2 staff I do not enjoy pain so I’m over the fear of the slide catching me.  Ok. . Breath. . . Aim. . .  Pull the trigger.  . . I said pull the trigger! I am pulling the trigger. Oh my god how hard do i have to POP! oh shit! something hit me. Calmly set the gun down on the table and step back.  Am I bleeding? What did I do. Why isn’t someone calling 911?!  Oh, it was the cartridge that ejected from the gun.  I’m ok but that scared the shit out of me. I thought I was going to drop the gun with the recoil.  Ok. . . breath. . . that’s it. Your ok. You did it. Only 49 more rounds until your done.  Alright, eject the magazine.  We’ll load 2 bullets this time.  Aim. . . Good grip. . . ok you know what to expect now. . . Let’s pull the trigger with a little less trepidation. Pop! ok aim POP!  Hey you’re still alive.  That was kind of fun.  Let’s try 3 rounds! POP! POP! POP!  ok ok ok you’ve got this.  Lets try the shield.  Oh wow.. this slide action is a lot harder.  POP! POP! POP!  Only 41 rounds left.  I better let Stacy try.  So I take down my target feeling pretty confident at this point.  And help her get set up.  I take a seat behind her and think Oh my god she is going to hurt herself or someone else.  There is no way I was shaking that bad.  Ok she’s got the grip and she’s aiming. POP! Holy Shit I didn’t know she could jump that high.  Well at least I didn’t loose my cool.  I should give her some guidance now seeing how I’ve done this now.  It’s ok Stacy, just breath and relax. Keep the gun pointing down range. You can do this.

The end result after using up a box of ammo was we both like the glock.  The slide action was easier for both of us.  But instead of the 19 we got a 23 and shot another 50 rounds with it.  I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive hobby as I am ready to go back to the range tonight.  Hopefully my sheriff will let me keep more than one bullet in my pocket.  But either way Stacy and I both work through our fear of the situation and supported each other in the process.  I think that was the more valuable experience than firing the gun.



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