RIP John Hughes

This may be a bit late as I’m sure ever other Gen Xer has already said something about John Hughes and how hey affected their life.   I wanted to be as cool as Ferris and have everything go my way. I tried several times to build a woman on my computer mainly with the Alter Ego which you can still play online. I actually thought about getting a job at grocery store in case someone like Jennifer Connelly would ever actually walk into a place like that. Looking back on these films they will hold a special place and will always remind me of a certain time in my life.  

So who is going to be the next John Hughes? Who’s going to be able to capture what passes for life on film these days for my daughter? Was it lighting in a bottle that John was able to grab because of the Brat Pack?  This evening I watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and was once again impressed by Michael Cera. I first noticed him in Super Bad then in Juno and now in this movie. I have to wonder if these types of films will be my Weird Science.   I loved the way the Nick and Norah film weaved the music through the show. And the nod of the hat to The Thin Man characters whether intentional or not made a piece of my soul happy.

Micchael seems to have captured, at least in my eyes, the same magic that Anthony Michael Hall did playing the unsure geek in so many of John Hughes films.  While I can not imagine any of these films becoming some classic like Casablanca regardless of the numbers of awards the films win. I have to say I do love these movies.

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