Suicide is Painless. . . NOT

One of my 2 favorite known nieces lost a fellow classmate this week to suicide. This has caused a bunch of feelings and such to come back to surface. I didn’t even know the kid so I have no idea what he was going through. I imagine that everyone experience it differently but maybe if I share my experience it will help someone else. Continue reading

Stupid Government. . .

Time to ruffle more feathers . . . <rant>

All over the net I am seeing stuff about this new Illinois law. My initial thoughts are that I thought any business had the right to refuse you service. You show up with no shoes and no shirt. Get out. You show up with a gun at the casino. You’re looking for trouble. Right or wrong I believe that everyone should have a right to decide who they are going to let into their establishment. You’re under 21? Stay out of the bar. I have always believed that the best answer is to vote with your feet. Continue reading

Give me that old time RP . . .

Several years ago there was an online MU* game based on Battlestar Galactica. The game was called  Battlestar Odysseys and I just stumbled across the live journals for the game.  I played a couple of different characters but my favorite was Alex Jackson.  He was an orphan/street rat who worked his way up to running a casino when the Cylons attacked.  He managed to get most of his employees to a cruise liner.  While the military was busy saving the human race, Alex was busy securing supplies from other ships as he tried to secure his place in the fleet.  But then Alex encountered the children. . .

So I thought I would gather the logs for Alex and the other Great players before something happened to them on Live Journal.

Enjoy the read. . . Continue reading


So maybe someone can explain this to me on this day of remembrance.  Now before you read further some may find this offensive that’s not the way it’s intended.  I just don’t understand this mindset.  So don’t feel like you need to save my soul because I sold it long ago Continue reading