Original Birth Certificate Advice

Back in 1995 I was going to a Triad support group who gave us advice on how to get our original birth certificate. Well I live in Oklahoma, ya know indian territory. There is a federal law that I would think more people would use called the Indian Child Welfare Act 

See the government screwed over the Natives that they had to try and “protect” the children and insure that their heritage was passed down. So back in the late 90s there were judges in Oklahoma who were sympathetic to the “cause”. You went in front of one of these judges and said “I have reason to believe that I have native american blood.” They would bang the gavel and give you a court order for your original birth certificate. I mean how are they going to say no you don’t? They don’t know who your parents are, they’d have to look at your original birth certificate and then try and trace your bloodline. Hell us “experts” have problems with that.

While trying to work with my half-sis I found another website out in California with a self help guide for birth records that basically says the same thing. But it also has a sample pleading you can type up and submit to the court.  (Here is the PDF in case the link disappears SelfHelpBirthRecords0409)

Now, I’m not a lawyer but I have played on the internet. I personally have no problems going in front of a judge and saying this because for all I knew at the time it might be true! Funny thing is according to ancestryDNA years later it was and I am 30% Native American. Not that I’ve found any proof of that other than some 4th+ cousins down in south america area.

But I am a firm believer if the “system” is going to try and “protect” me from myself. Screw you only I can decided what I need protecting from now tell me who the hell I am!

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