If you haven’t been living under a rock then you should know “let it go” from Frozen.  This week the message at Foundations was just that, leave it at the altar. Lay down your burden and move past it.

But how do you do that? There was a great symbolic gesture for us. And as much as I want to let it go, there is just as much of me that wants to hang on to those burdens.

I can point to every single one of them and show you how it defines who I am! But maybe that is the point.  I am try to be the better version of myself.  Not the one who goes, “Well, I don’t trust people or have close relationships because I was adopted and have the primal wound to deal with on a daily basis.  Or I usually feel like the outcast in most groups, so I tend toake sure everyone sees me that way.

So here I am trying to lay down my burdens.  Take away my guilt for bad decisions. Help me break down this wall that I have built to keep people at a distance.  Help me be vulnerable and express my true feelings,.  Help me not to be jealous of others and be content with what I have in my life. Help me to quit looking at others with distrust. And most of all, help me believe I am worthy of Grace and being loved.

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