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The gym shooting incident worries me ( about the future of blogs.  For the record I haven’t read the blogs on this one but if what the news reports is even halfway true how long is it until someone in congress decides that in the interest of public safety all blogs must be read. Now I’m all about the conspiricy and I fully realize that most public blogs are going to be “read” and scraped by search engines. I’m sure the FBI watch the hate groups. But  I can see in the near future someone is going to say that if we had read this guy’s blog we might have prevented the murder. So they add it to the next patriot act and we loose a little bit more of our “freedom”.  The problem is I’m not sure how I feel about it cause I can see both sides of the arguement. Honestly it is the main reason I haven’t done something like this before because it is to easy to take portions of these entries out of context.  But that has always been the case whether it’s something that’s said or written it can always be twisted.

Sadly I can not percieve a Gene Roddenberry future but a Jose Whedon  seems most likely. They meddle in things they shouldn’t.

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