So maybe someone can explain this to me on this day of remembrance.  Now before you read further some may find this offensive that’s not the way it’s intended.  I just don’t understand this mindset.  So don’t feel like you need to save my soul because I sold it long agoAfter talking with various people for the past 40 years of my life it seems that the majority of people seem to believe that there is only one path to an “eternal reward”. And because of that we have people yelling and screaming about a mosque at “Ground zero”.  And “pastors” wanting to burn the Quran, seems to me if someone decided to burn the flag and the bible all hell would break loose.  I’m not saying that the people who plotted and carried out the attacks were right. But taking this attitude that many seem to agree with is part of what caused the attack.  If everyone wasn’t so sure that their way was the only way maybe we wouldn’t have things like 9/11.  Maybe if we didn’t think that “Putting a boot in their ass” is the American way then the buildings would still be standing.

 The way I look at religion is a story I’ve been telling for years.  1000’s of years ago a farmer and a fisher man cross paths in the middle of no where. Night is falling so they decide to camp together for safety.  As the night goes on the two are talking and the farmer starts explaining that in his city they pray to the god of a bountiful harvest and to protect their crops.  They have holidays based around their life which is the harvest.  Once the farmer is done with his story the fisherman tells his version with his city’s god based on the water and catching fish. They too have traditions based on their food supply.  In the end they both go back to their own city and tell their friends about the nut they just met and you’re not going to believe what they believe! When in reality they are both praying for the same thing to the same “Creator”.

 But it seems we humans can’t accept things like that.  We have to be right and everyone else is wrong.  If you are a Catholic it’s ok to go to a holy place, light a candle and say a prayer. But they may think that a witch going to their holy place, lighting a candle and saying a prayer is the devil’s work. . . ok . . . looks like the same thing to me just different ways of going about it.

 In the end I think if everyone learned about the other religions out there instead of accepting what some news show tells you then there might be hope for the human race. If you’re interested here’s a place to start http://www.religionfacts.com/big_religion_chart.htm

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